About TKF Young Capital Fund


Young Capital Fund is an early stage investor that hosts, mentors, accelerates, and invests in technology-driven businesses led by visionary founders





About Young Capital Fund

Young Capital Fund invests in technology companies that focus on big and impactful ideas leading to unique products and services. We carefully select companies and use entrepreneurial mentorship along with pre-seed funding to help them build their products and prepare them for their next milestone, most likely the next round of funding.

Entrepreneurs can apply through this website for a chance to participate in our accelerator program called Young Capital Launch. This program's primary objective is to help entrepreneurs build a lean, mean, and sustainable startup. Entrepreneurs can also apply to get funding without participating in the accelerator program.

Young Capital Fund was founded in 2010 from the observation that young talented and ambitious people are capable of building new ventures that can disrupt any large player in any field of business. Our fund is run by successful entrepreneurs who have a passion for building companies. Our goal is to build a vibrant and supportive community for young entrepreneurs in the Netherlands.



Founded in January 2013 and based in Amsterdam, Rooming is a trusted community marketplace for people to list themselves in search of affordable housing in the Netherlands. The big advantage of Rooming is that we leverage social media to make it easy and more transparent to find a reliable landlord or a reliable tenant. With the power of social media tenants and landlords receive the needed information before taking the next step within the renting process.


Stuvia (Students Via) was founded at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. The core idea of Stuvia is to create a marketplace where students can exchange self-written study material. This service arised out of a need to turn notes into cash and at the same time help other students out. Stuvia's mission is to connect these two worlds internationally. Stuvia is already the number one platform in the Netherlands and will be expanding soon to the rest of Europe.


Besured is an insurance company with a clear aim at highly educated people, founded in 2010 and since then growing double digit year-on-year. Besured offers health insurance, car insurance and mortgage services. Besured is committed to the values on which it was founded: excellent coverage, low prices, and outstanding customer service.


StudentenWerk started out as an online jobboard in 2000. The website was meant to bring together supply and demand. Students looking for work (supply) and employers looking for staff (demand). Since then StudentenWerk evolved into a professional international staffing organisation with 250 employees and 25 branches in the Netherlands and activities in 8 countries. With an estimated revenue of € 85 million in 2013 StudentenWerk sits firmly within the top 15 of Dutch staffing agencies and is ready to further develop her international ambitions.


StudentJob is one of the biggest online student job portals in Europe. Originated in the Netherlands, this specialised online job portal for student jobs offers all types of jobs for students in their ideal job sector. This includes parttime jobs, internships and summer jobs helping students find their work preference all year round. StudentJob has been successfully launched into the markets of France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, USA and Austria.


YoungCapital is market leader in HR-solutions for young talent. Our service targets students, starters, trainees and young professionals. We have the largest online network for young talent in Europe with over 3 million connections. We work under the labels StudentenWerk, StudentJob International and YoungCapital Professionals.


NOXA develops by using the newest techniques Ruby on Rails applications. Noxa also has much experience with designing and developing recruitmentsites, ATS solutions, paymentsoftware, personnell-planning software, e-learning applicationa, scrapetools and SEO tools.


With 500.000 active app users IM’IN is the biggest ticket app for events. IM’IN takes the number of visitors of events to the maximum. There is a gap at several events between the maximum capicity and the expected tickets to be sold. By giving away free tickets in a well organised and measurable way, I'M IN offers the eventorganisor a unique channel to bring visitors to the maximum number.


With over 1 million users and 200,000 unique visitors every day, Wrts is the largest vocabulary learning website in the Netherlands. Wrts joined the YoungCapital network in 2015.


Rogier Thewessen

Rogier Thewessen is founder and one of the managing partners of Young Capital Fund. Rogier brings in over 14 years of experience in Marketing and Online Marketing.
Prior to founding Young Capital Fund he founded StudentenWerk, StudentJob, CareerNetwork, CN IT, StudenDbase, Besured and Rooming. Rogier holds a degree in Business and Marketing. Rogier’s greatest strength is his creativity.

Hugo de Koning

Hugo de Koning is also founder and one of the managing partners of Young Capital Fund. Hugo brings in over 14 years of experience in Sales and has a tremendous knowledge of Entrepreneurship. Prior to founding Young Capital Fund he founded StudentenWerk, StudentJob, CareerNetwork, CN IT , StudenDbase, Besured and Rooming. Hugo holds a degree in Business and Marketing. Hugo’s greatest strength is entrepreneurship.

Bram Bosveld

Bram Bosveld is also founder and one of the managing partners of Young Capital Fund. Bram brings in over 14 years of experience in Finance, Legal and HR.

Prior to founding Young Capital Fund he founded StudentenWerk, StudentJob, CareerNetwork, CN IT , StudenDbase, Besured and Rooming. Bram holds a degree in Business. Bram’s greatest strength is finance.

Why YoungCapital Fund

  • Young and energized team with 16 years of experience as entrepreneur.
  • Not an excel sheet collaboration but actual teamwork.
  • Passion for online marketing and wide knowledge of the internet world.
  • Vast network of professionals and corporations on all levels.
  • An inhouse team of 20 experienced software developers.
  • SEO expertise and a large team of linkbuilders.
  • Access to the largest youth database in Europe (3 million profiles).
  • Backoffice support on a variety of areas: Finance, Legal en HR.
  • Extensive network of investors for future funding.


Do you have a great technology-driven business idea? Let us know! Our requirements to apply:

  • Your venture has a focus on: consumer internet, e-commerce, digital media, software or mobile.
  • Your business model is scalable.
  • You have a business with a minimum track record of 1 year.
  • Your minimal turnover is 20.000 Euro.

If your answer is yes to all these points send us an e-mail with your business ideas / pitch using the form or e-mail to info@youngcapitalfund.nl.

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